Montreal Hotels & Accommodations

Our Montreal hotel section will offer you a wide variety of hotels to choose from. Our city's reputation for having some of the finest hotels is well deserved. We have used their star ratings, location and type to assist you in navigating towards a hotel that best suits your needs, budget and style.

If you’re looking for a little romance you may want to check out our Old Montreal hotels. Most are nestled in gorgeous old historical building and are in close proximity to the very popular Place Jacques Cartier Square in the center of Old Montreal.

If budget is your main concern, then look no further our 2 and 3 star hotels will meet your needs while not compromising those amenities you have come to count on like WiFi and continental breakfasts.

Now let’s talk about a dream trip into the city where everything you desire is at your fingertips and pampering is the normal state of affairs... 4 star, 5 star and boutique hotels. Whether for business or pleasure one can’t dispute the feeling of that luxury hotel savoir faire. Bathrobes and breakfast in bed please, followed by an afternoon lounging in the spa. No longer the hidden gems of the city, these glorious hotels offer specials and discounts as well. So, pack your bags and book your room, we’re waiting for you!

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Montreal Boutique Hotels

Usually smaller and very stylish, boutique hotels offer upscale amenities at premium prices. Boutique hotels can be anywhere between 10 and 100 rooms. They are known for their ultra-personalized service and are typically situated in a fashionable location of the city. If a true pampering experience is what you are seeking then the Boutique hotel is your best choice!

  • Laval Hotels

    For business or leisure travel, Laval hotels are only 20 minutes from downtown Montreal and close to major shopping.