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Aqua Spa Lyne Giroux

Aqua Spa Lyne Giroux can easily be qualified as the ultimate urban spa .After more than twenty five years of offering West Islanders the best of beauty and health services, Lyne Giroux has created a new outstanding day spa. In an exquisitely classical décor, you are greeted by a professional team of specialists who will offer you an experience in well-being incomparable to any other. Read more...

Last winter I was amazed at how many people around me got sick with the flu or some other nasty cold. I was equally amazed, that even if I was in close proximity to all of these poor friends of mine, I never got sick myself. Of course it could have been simple luck, but personally I am convinced that my weekly hot yoga class as well as my infrared wrap therapy treatments greatly helped my body resist all the bad bugs by strengthening my immune system. I felt a whole lot stronger and more energetic than I usually do in the winter months and in Montreal these months are usually pretty rough.  Read more...
    Aqua Spa
Lyne Giroux

3900 St-Jean blvd.
Dollard-des-Ormeaux, H9G 1X1
Aqua Spa Lyne Giroux is without a doubt the most spectacular urban spa in all of Montreal, both by the quality of its professional services and its beautiful and luxurious décor.    
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55 St-Jacques
Montreal, Qc H2Y 3X2
Strip away the everyday at Rainspa. This escape provides sanctuary with its unmatched, unpretentious services. With the help of certified experts and cutting-edge equipment, a range of high-end treatments offers the perfect time-out.    
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    Spa McGill
414, McGill College, suite 101
Montreal, Qc, H2Y 2O1
A complete line of Aveda products entirely natural are offered in the boutique area. Le Spa Mcgill, salon and urban spa, offers you a luxurious and warm ambiance in a harmonious atmosphere.    
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    Studio Bliss
3841 St-Laurent
Montreal, Qc H2W 1X9
“The coolest massage therapy center in town”    
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    West Spa
4655 St-Jean Blvd. suite 202
Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, Qc
West Spa Medical offers a complete line of legendary treatments. Take advantage of our spa services and be prepared to get spoiled!    
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Heat Therapy in Spas
by: Julie Mercier, Owner of Espace Nomad

Montreal spa heat therapy is hugely beneficial. Sweating is underrated and in our sedentary societies we just don't sweat enough.

Sweating is so important to our health and the integrity of the whole body. Without it we would poison ourselves quite fast. Sweating not only regulates the body’s temperature, it gives a kick to the immune system as well. It is nature's perfect way of cleansing the body. You want to sweat! 

Montreal spas traditionally offer a variety of treatments with the central premise of sweating, although it is not advertise as such. These treatments are truly purifying and help the body purge itself of toxins. It also boosts our metabolism and activates the lymphatic system. Simply put, sweating should be regarded as a healthy path to optimal health and beauty.

Ancient civilizations were very aware of the purification process and benefits involved in sweating. North American native Indians had the sweat lodge, the Moroccans had their Hamm am, the Indians had their steam baths, and more recently a new and unique heat therapy has emerged. Infra red therapy, which had carved a niche in the international and Montreal spa market. The latter is very unique because it uses infra red rays that penetrate deeply into the muscles of the body and gives an even heat distribution that mimics a fever. This boosts the immune system, helps clear out cellulite and extra fat and makes the skin radiant. It can also be very helpful for people with joint pain and arthritis. When properly used, infra red saunas or wraps are an amazing way to gently activate the cardio-vascular system. One hour of infra red therapy is the equivalent of running a marathon, in terms of calories lost! 

So ladies and gentlemen....go ahead! Visit a Montreal spa and break a sweat! You will feel all the more healthy for it. Heat therapy: #1 for Montreal's frigid winter!

Julie Mercier

New beginings 

Spring in Montreal goes like this : First we don’t beleive it's coming, then without any warnings we trade all Sorels, hairy legs and our bear-like grumpiness for fresh smiles, legs and flip flops. And it usually all happens over one sunny week-end. The groggy winter months behind us we Montrealers are ready to  show our happy faces once again. We then tend to  feel a  little more conscious  about ourselves and our bodies. when spring comes I love a good detox or trainning program to feel as renewed as the fresh spring air. A good inside out cleansing – mind, body and soul. 

I am a dedicated Montreal spa-goer and there are plenty of great Montreal spas to visit. For each season there are Montreal spa  treatments! Comes the winter, I usually get  massages to relax my tense and uptight muscles.. In the spring I feel like I need more of a good clean-up, a good draining of all the toxines that can get trapped in our tissues and that are lingering and ready to go.  

Traditional Swedish is a good addition to any detox program because of its effects on the blood, and tissue systemes. Long deep maneovres bring the blood to those main veins and directly to organs whose functions are to filter those  unwanted debris. Lymphatique drainage is also a treatment of choice because it works towards cleaning the lymphatic system of its toxins. There are plenty of great Montreal spas where you can get theses classic treatments.  

Another great spring cleansing ritual is to renew your skin in Montreal spas with a full body exfoliation. Nothing like two hands filled with aromatic salts, sugras  and essential oils rubbing onto your skin to elevate the senses, move the toxines out of the body and help the skin aquire a natural healthy glow. Exfoilants can be made of sea salts, sugar, maple sugar, rice powder, essential oils, flowers, herbs, among other ingredients. I usually make sure they are organic and I personally prefer the sugar based ones because they accentuate the glowing effects on the skin.  

Follow this with a wrap made of warm honey which ancient properties include cell rejuvination and skin tightening  and you will feel brand new…and hungry perhaps!. The actions of the grains in the exfoliants actually prepares the skin to receive the active components in any body wraps. I love honey because its a classic queen of egypt treatmement that hydrates the skin so well. 

This spring when you visit one of the great Montreal spas, be sure to try one of the above and you too will feel renewed and refreshed –mind body and soul.



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