May 17, 2018

Montreal Lobster Clam Jam!

montreal lobster clam jam in lachine


LOBSTER CLAM JAM is a highly acclaimed outdoor food festival. Not just for seafood lovers, this affordable, family-oriented culinary showcase offers guests the opportunity to experience the creations of a variety of renowned local chefs and restaurants. Recognized by The Food Network and Everfest as one of the Top Food Festivals in the World, Lobster Clam Jam caters to people from all walks of life, from every nationality and culture, affording our guests the opportunity to experience a wide selection of meat, fowl, game, fish (and of course, lobster and shellfish) dishes.


There will be over 25 restaurants, a Mojito Bar, a Beer Bar, a Wine Bar, a Coffee Bar and 6 Dessert sections on site!

Guests will be treated to a culinary experience by each restaurant, using the best in local and international ingredients. Each of the restaurants will serve 2 different signature dishes totalling over 50 different delicious dishes to try.

The event will be set up in a beautiful outdoor atmosphere along the Lachine canal just west of the Atwater Market.

Music by: DJ Eddie Lewis


They have introduced there own Lobster Clam Jam currency called ​CLAMS​.

​CLAM​ is a branded Lobster Clam Jam token.

Each ​CLAM​ is valued at ​$3 CAN.

Restaurants will collect ​CLAMS in exchange for food.

All food dishes will be priced at $6 (with some exceptions at $9 or $12).

All Alcoholic beverages including beer will be priced at $6.


Free admission for children 12 years and under.

Admission + 5 CLAMS for $40 CAN

Admission + 15 CLAMS for $65 CAN

Additional CLAMS are available on-site:
Additional CLAMS are $3 each and sold in packs of 5 = $15

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