Montreal Restaurants

If you’re looking for variety when choosing where to dine, then you have come to the right city. Montreal is known to have one of the most varied selections of cuisine in North America. We also play host to several food festivals, including Mtl a Table and the very popular First Fridays from May to October. We have the biggest food truck rally in Canada at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, every first Friday from May to October 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm.(admission is free).

It’s all about taste, your taste that is... So come explore with us. Our Montreal restaurants section will tempt you with every ethnicity and every theme possible, so we are calling all epicureans to dig in and try something new. If you're into theme restaurants, then a must try is Le Balcon, a mix between a New York & a Parisian cabaret or maybe a night of belly dancing at La Couscoussière Ali Baba on St. Denis Street.

Montreal is also famous for our succulent smoked meat sandwiches. Full listings can be found in our Deli section. If a night to remember is on the menu then treat yourself to a “cooked to perfection” Montreal Steak. Popular landmarks like Moishes on the Main, (Blvd. St. Laurent) does it right. It’s pretty hard not to find culinary perfection and what we call “droolability” (Yes we made that up, but can you think of anything better) in this fine city of outstanding restaurants!

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The wonderful world of vegetarian restaurants

The world of organic and vegetarian cuisine is growing. Healthiness AND deliciousness - who's going say no? Montreal (as usual) is leading the way - as it hosts some of the most amazing vegetarian restaurants in the world! Whether you're a first-timer or a veteran vegan, you can enjoy the burgeoning veggie cuisine scene of the city. Experience incredible flavours year-round!