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Montreal services will assist tourists and locals alike. Ever find yourself in a new city or wandering around the one you think you know? We have listed off the top 7 inquires that hotels concierges get the most when visitors start missing the conveniences of home. Here are some of them; let’s start with business centres. Most can be found right in your hotel, but if your hotel doesn’t offer this service you can find them here. Health & Wellness on your mind? This is an easy one. Grab your runners and explore the city on foot. If you’re looking for something more challenging then check out all the great gyms listed and find one offering day and week passes. What happens in Montreal stays in Montreal you say? Of course it does, so fear not we have some of the top tattoo parlours in North America. Need some relaxation? We have a great variety of hotel spas as well as independent spas like Spa Munari, Aqua Spa Lyne Giroux and Bota Bota in the Old Port.

Over the years there has been an increase of travellers bringing their best furry friends to explore with, so to stay up with your needs we have created a pet friendly hotel and restaurant section. You will find a list of all the pet friendly venues in the city. Getting married? Congratulations! Our new Montreal wedding section lists many of the top boutiques and wedding services in the city, like hotels, bridal boutiques, make up artists and more. So, come explore with us – everything you need is all right here!

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  • Montreal Gyms

    Work out while traveling, hotel gyms and gyms offering day and week passes listed here.